Home & Storage Delivery Options

Need help moving items from one location to another? Contact S&L Deliveries, Inc. to help you out. We have everything you need and expect from a top notch delivery company.

  • Large box trucks with lift gates
  • Packing totes
  • Diligent, sturdy, honest workers to move your items with care.
  • Fully licensed & insured.

We can make any move worry free and easy for you so send us an email or make a phone call to get you move lined up today.  We have been a good and long standing member of the Missoula business community and we have provided some customer opinions of our service below for you perusal. We are fully licensed and insured for this line of business as you can probably glean from our list of business customers.  You can book the service and not have to worry any longer if you just…Click Here!

Would you like us to make a move even more convenient?  We can do that.  Instead of going around town and collecting boxes to pack your stuff up in why not just call us and have us drop some off for you?  You can rent our totes for a $1 each and take as many as you need* to pack up your goods and have us move them to your new place.  Once you are unpacked, call us and we will come and pick them up!  It will take an extra 3 or 4 hours of unnecessary running around and looking around for the boxes that you need to complete your move.  On top of all that the sturdy boxes have convenient handles to help in moving them around as well.  You gotta admit, we make it pretty easy for you.